Where We Meet

Lake was born in Guyana, South America but migrated to Canada in 1982 with his family. In the 1970's his mother was sick unto death. The doctors could not help her, many solutions were sought but could not remedy this illness. She finally, yet sceptically went to a Christian church and was prayed for and The Lord Jesus Christ healed her instantly and completely  from this dreaded disease. She then became a disciple of Jesus Christ and led her family in the way of the Lord. In 1989, Lake was born again as a teenager in high School. God is good.
He married the love of his life Ann-Marie, and they have 2 wonderful children, Angelina and Angelos. They are having fun living for God and enjoying life as a family. In 2008 they received the call of God to start a church in Mississauga, Ont., in particular Malton.

Service Times

Sun 1:30PM Christian Education (All Ages)
Sun 2:30PM Morning Worship Service
Wed 7:00PM Small Group(Lisa Johnson)
Thu 7:00PM Youth Bible Study (A.M. Ramdas)
Thu 7:00PM Small Group (Joy Brown)